OLR Plemenitaš primarily organizes various art workshops. In addition, we design and develop souvenirs, business gifts and customized orders. Facility of the workshop is rentable for workshops or events of similar nature. Moreover, OLR Plemenitaš participates in domestic and international projects, and is continuously searching for new partners and projects. For additional information regarding our services, cooperation or prices please contact us via email or telephone.


Raku workshops

Once a year we invite professional artists from different parts of world to attend our International Raku workshop. Usually, during summer artists spend between one and two weeks in Plemenitaš creating exquisite art pieces that stay in our permanent gallery space and serve as representation of artist’s individuality, his/hers expressions and county of their origin.


Field workshops

Field workshops are product of collaboration with different academic institutions like universities, primary and secondary schools or various organizations that visit our workshops in group capacity. Program, duration and activities differ depending on type of collaboration and goals for the workshops.


Hobby workshops

Hobby workshops are workshops for every individual that would like to learn or improve their art skills regardless of previous experience, age or media. If you would like to join one of existing groups or take individual lessons please contact us for details.


Resident programs

Oblikovna likovna radionica Plemenitaš offers its inspirational space for creative artists from all around the world. Our workshop space, both interior and exterior is ideal for ceramics, paining, sculpting or any other creative activity you can think off. Would you like to work in nature? Take refreshing dip in river Kupa? Be in 1 hour drive distance away from sea coast or capital? Well, you can now at OLR Plemenitaš. We are expecting your call…


Institutional cooperation

We are interested in hosting and partnering for EU or other international projects that revolve around art. We have expertise, inspirational space and motivation. If you are interested in this type of collaboration please contact us for details.