About us

About us

Piace of our history

Idea of creation of Oblikovna likovna radionica Plemenitaš was conceived in the spring of 1994, as a way of giving something back to the place of my origin and birthplace of my father, and grandfather. This is my way of giving back, through art and this workshop.

I have moved from Zagreb, in rented abandoned elementary school, and started renovation of the property. After two year adaptation, in 1996, Oblikovna likovna radionica Plemenitaš (OLRP) was officially registered with Croatian ministry of culture. We officially started with our program of creating cultural inheritance. We organized our first International Raku workshop in the 1996. Since then, twenty workshops were held, six in first 3 years and one each consecutive year since then. More than 150 professional artists from around the world attended our free professional program. Each of them, during the course of workshops spent time creating art, shared their experiences and gave their artwork to the workshops. Those artworks are creator’s personal representative of their style, expression and will to contribute our goal of creating something special on this magical place.

Our collection of art, indoor and outdoor, is a cultural attraction for tourists and visitors from all around the world.

Since 1998 OLRP is creating commercial art workshops for anyone interested in art, ceramic and sculpture. We are collaborating with groups of different interest and sizes. Moreover, we have developed cooperation with number of institutions, such as elementary and secondary schools throughout Croatia that participate in field workshops created for their curriculums and programs.

In 2001 OLRP established working cooperation with Academy of Fine Art Zagreb, more specifically with class of Professor Damir Mataušić. Graduates of his class are coming to field workshops each year to create outdoor sculptures in wood and metal in the sizes up to 4 meters. That particular collection forms “Sculpture Park” that is unique cultural heritage for our small village of Plemenitas.


Present and future direction

Our goal is, and always will be, to improve our services, capacities and therefore experiences of people visiting and/or working with OLR Plemenitaš. We see Plemenitaš as a destination in Gorski kotar, Croatia, Europe and entire world. If you would like to contribute to that development, one way or another, your help will always be appreciated.