Graphic Arts workshop: Sound

Graphic Arts workshop: Sound

From  7. till 15.  of July 2018. in Oblikovna likovna radionica Plemenitaš  will host field workshop of Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb Graphics arts department as continuation of successful workshop of 2016. This year will be dedicated to exploration of sound and sound recordings. Plemenitaš is perfect location for this project because it offers entirely different sound atmosphere than everyday city life in Zagreb. Workshop host is: Vesna Osojnički, and mentors are Ines Krasić, Mirjana Vodopija and assistant Iva Ćurić. 

Workshop participants will be introduced to exploration of sound phenomenon and development of art concept and art works, along with support of various scientist and professors from other universities in Zagreb. Workshop will be consisted from daily lectures, presentations and exercises. 

Lectures will be held by Davor Horvatić from Faculty of science Zagreb from department for theoretical physics of field and particles, Dario Bojanjac from department for radio communication at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb, Ana Horvat from Academy of Fine art in Osijek, media artists Adam Donovan and Ketrin Hochschuh and musicians Damir Prica Kafka and Sven Buić. 

Workshop is consisted from ten students and alumni of Academy of Fine art Zagreb and Art Academy Osijek. Through planed activities participants will gain basic understanding of sound phenomenon and develop ideas and concepts for their own art work.

Lectures are also open for public:

Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, and Thursday 12th at 21:00.

Workshop participants:

Academy of Fine art Zagreb : Petra Orbanić, Andrej Beštak, Elena Štrok, Lucija Žuti, Jelena Petric, Iva Zagoda, Mihael Klanjčić, Ružica Orbanić,Veronika Šindilj

Art Academy Osijek alumni Viktorija Križanović

… and guesti

members of female jazz band Gungula Matilda Fatur, Janet Beriša and Mirna Ćupić